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Creative Tea and Herbal Products was founded in 1994 and has become one of the leading suppliers of tea and herbal products in Canada. We offer more than 250 teas and herbal infusions, including organic teas, blending ingredients, as well as various tea accessories. All of our blending takes place in Canada which ensures the optimum freshness of all of our products.

Many raw materials for our production are imported directly from Germany taking advantage of their high quality control standards. The European food safety laws are known to be among the strictest in the world. Long-term contracts and the ability to purchase and stock large quantities enable us to offer our teas at very competitive prices. As many of our customers already know we do this without compromising quality.

We have augmented our selection with new estate teas, Oolong specialties, black/green teas, organic teas, and more than 50 flavoured tea blends. A wide range of new decaffeinated green and black tea blends have also been added to meet a growing demand.

We always welcome your comments and requests and look forward to a continued relationship. We look forward to adding you to our growing list of customers.